St. Johns Wort for depression

Guys, I've experienced such amazing benefits from using St. John's Wart to treat my moderate depression. I wanted to take a moment and share my story with you.  

If you've read the blog for a bit you know I was diagnosed with a rare (even rarer for my age) illness and lost a baby in 2016. As a result I had to get on birth control pills to ensure that my HCG levels didn't rise again. With my options being laid out as "get on the pill or have chemo" I reluctantly started the pill again feeling like I had no other choice. 

I was on the pill from age 15-21 and knew the side effects and harm it can have on your body and mind, but I wasn't prepared for what happened this time around. The pills' hormonal influence combined with my deep sadness for losing my baby sent me into depression. The tendency towards depression is genetic, and I've always known I had the gene but it was never this bad. It was a victory just to make it to the couch most days.  Nothing in life seemed to have any meaning and my spirit felt numb.

I was explaining to Trenton how I had always felt a deep happiness. Even if I was sad or angry, those were on the surface and my happiness ran deep. All of a sudden everything switched. I felt deep sadness and if I smiled or laughed it was on the surface while the sadness ran deep and through all of me.   

I was instructed to stay on the pill for one year after loosing the baby. Trenton and I decided the depression wasn't worth it. I wanted to live and to be me again. So I slowly started getting off the pill (you don't want to stop cold turkey!). This combined with hormone balancing teas helped but wasn't enough. My depression needed a boost. That's when I started taking St. John's Wart and saw amazing results!


It has been recommended as a natural alternative to anti-depressants showing equal or better results. The world isn't positive how St. John's wort works but two compounds found in it (hypericin and hyperforin) affect your brain's serotonin system. Serotonin regulates mood, sleep, appetite, and reduced levels associated with depression, OCD, aggressive behaviors, suicide, and migraines.

St.Johns wort isn't recommend for severe depression. It can also interact with other medication and lowers the effectiveness of birth control, so do some research before starting.

You'll see results pretty quickly, but stay on it consistently for at least 2 months to see maximum benefits. When purchasing look for tablets or pills that have 0.3 percent hypericin and 3 percent hyperforin. The usual dose is 300 milligrams three times a day, but you can find some you only have to take once a day.

A Side Note on Mental Health

Mental health is such a hard thing to understand if you've never experienced any mental health problems. I think that's why it's so misunderstood. I've heard people say depression or anxiety attacks aren't real, that people are being dramatic, that they aren't trusting the Lord with their life (that's a lie that deserves an entire blog post). My husband has never experienced depression within himself or with any loved ones until me. It was hard for him to understand, especially at first, but he had SO much grace for me. He took care of me despite his lack of understanding. If you've experienced real depression I urge you to speak up and tell your story. There are so many people dying to not feel alone in this. Your story is powerful! If you have a loved one dealing with depression and you don't understand it, try not to listen to other's opinions, especially those who haven't dealt with it personally. Listen to your loved one and love them through it.


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