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You’ll never regret helping others live a better life.
You’ll never regret making residual income every month.
You’ll never regret selling Young Living!



The team you sign up under makes ALL the difference! There are a lot of teams out there doing things a little differently. My team is the fastest growing team in Young Living because we have THE BEST resources and group of girls who rise by lifting each other up. When you sign up on my team you get all the support, new friends, and tons of resources
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How to start:

(If you’d like we can do this together & I can help you with each step)

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Sign up for essential rewards at $100pv a month

(What I do is replace products around my house with Young Living ones like toothpaste, laundry detergent…etc that would add up to $100 anyways. That way you’re just moving money that you already spend each month instead of spending an extra $100)

That’s all! After you’ve done that I’ll help you start the business and run it in a way that best suits you, your talents and time!



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