Leo's Earth Side

Our rainbow baby is here and we are in deep love!

Our little Leo joined us on Monday, November 5th around 9am weighing 7.4 lbs and 20.5 in’s long.


I was in Labor for more than 24 hours. A fact I was totally unaware of until Trenton told me. I was working pretty hard so I had no clue it had been that long! But the second everything slowed down, there was no doubt it had been that long. I have never been more tired in my life!


His full name is Foster Leon Mueller. I know, we’re the parents who gave our child the forever task of explaining his name is a nick name from his middle name. Foster is Trenton’s middle name and the name of our baby we lost in 2016. We wanted to keep the name around because it has so much meaning to us but with that being our first baby’s name and it’s meaning tattooed on my arm we wanted this little one to have his own identity. So Leon it is, which was quickly shortened to Leo. It took us forever to decide on a name. Being a bit of a hippie myself I also wanted names like Ocean, bear, and moss and Trenton literally laughed when I told him my name suggestions and I thought all his names were boring. My sister said she loved the name Leo and that was in her list of boy names she never used. I loved it and she graciously gave up her right to it.


If you’re trying to decide who he looks more like…hint: He looks identical to Trenton’s baby pictures.


We feel so blessed that Leo is here safe and sound. It makes my heart happy to know that Foster and Leo will get to meet one day and spend eternity as brothers. This is little one is the light of our lives.

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