We're Pregnant


There are so many ways I could start this blog post but I'll just start by saying...we're pregnant! If you follow me on social media this is old news.

If you read the origin story of this blog you know all about how we lost a baby, had a cancer scare, and a long road to recovery both mentally and physically. When Trenton and I were given the "ok" to begin trying for a baby we were over joyed to not have chemo hanging over our heads anymore (if we had gotten pregnant before that time I'd instantly have to have chemo...it's confusing I know). 

Fast forward and we're now so excited to meet our little boy in October 2018! Pregnancy so far has been one surprise after another. Everyones pregnancy is so different and I've had to learn that mine is no exception. No one could have prepared me for all the feelings both mentally and physically and I expect birth and motherhood to be no different. 

I told a friend that I wish I could go back to the days of innocently thinking pregnancy was a joyful breeze. I've learned from so many women sharing their stories with me that that's hardly ever the case. From infertility issues, miscarriages, birth complications and so much more that while it's beautiful it's also very difficult for most people. But even still I wouldn't truly want to go back because I feel like my perspective now is more beautiful, grounded and grateful than it could have ever been without Foster (our baby in heaven). 

We are so excited to meet our baby! I'm not sure I'll be the type of person that "loves being pregnant" but I for sure am going to love being this ones mama, I already do! 


Thank you to all the people who have prayed for Trenton and I through all this and have followed our story! 

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